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Queen Chi is a proper social media royal from Nigeria

Queen Chi or @chiomalovv, is a Nigerian-born model, influencer, style lover, web content maker, vlogger, and whatever to maintain you glued on your display for hours. Queen Chi also known as @chiomalovv is a top-heavy, social networks influencer from Nigeria One can not be forgiven for obtaining lost for hours watching numerous her messages. Queen Chi was born and raised in a dense family members full of love and adoration; it is not a marvel where she gets all that intense proneness. There are a lot of points that make Queen Chi Stand out in the highly crowded social media sites round. For one, she refers to herself as the Afro Queen, and it is not just one of those motto names African women influencers call themselves, for Queen Chi walks the talk as she enjoys to leave her hair natural, highlighting that all-natural afro elegance appearance. Even if she did not call herself that, her fans would certainly refer to her as so. Still walking the talk, Queen Chi has actually taken social media platforms by storm, with people calling her the bra-less queen. This is maybe among the most detailed features that she not does anything short of […]

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