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Alyssa Wallen brings the fire @alyssa_wallen

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Alyssa Wallen brings the fire @alyssa_wallen

Alyssa is a Shore Thang model

Alyssa WallenStatuesque, red-headed model Alyssa Wallen has been working with Shore Thang owner Zachary Elliot since 2016. After sitting for several portrait shoots, Alyssa later agreed to create content for her own exclusive content website.

Alyssa is confident, curvy, and has an amazing look that has captivated many fans Loyal to the Shore Thang world.

In addition to being a vegan, Alyssa is intelligent, compassionate, and knows all the right angles to make incredible selfie content.

Although the content she originally produced in 2020 for her website wasn’t as popular as it could have been, we preserved all of her videos and selfies And have posted them in various places in our websites.

Namely, Quarantine Selfies and Spicy TicTaks. Alyssa also has a page on the Shore Thang platform, where her videos and selfies are frequently posted.

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Alyssa Wallen Selfies @allyssa_wallen

Alyssa knows the line between overly sexual content and titillating pics and videos.

Alyssa has created a handful of selfie sets since her website went off-line in early 2021.

All the work that Alyssa does comes with an art fullness and underlying sexuality that leaves her fans coming back for more.

Alyssa is a Texas native and enjoys staying active with travel, hikes, and other sporty doings. When she lived in Los Angeles, Alyssa worked as a model and an actress. Alyssa has a serious personality, but is more than able to turn on the charm, we she wants to.

Of all the models in the Shore Thang squad, Alyssa has drawn a lot of praise for her content, with many fans returning to ask for more.

We are reasonably sure Alyssa will return to submit new selfies, when she's ready.

Although we’re not entirely certain when Alyssa will return to create more content, we are proud to continue offering all of her pics and videos on the websites below.

Alyssa Wallen on the Shore Thang YouTube channel

Alyssa's selfies on Quarantine Selfies

Alyssa's videos on Spicy TicTaks

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Alyssa Wallen Tries-on Nasty Gal
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