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Ella West is a Beautiful Canadian Model

November 25, 2023 by Shore Thang in Shore Thang Models 0 comments
Ella West is a Beautiful Canadian Model

Exclusive Content from Ella West

Ella West Alberta, Shore Thang modelsSince late-2021, Canadian cutie, Ella West has been contributing content to Quarantine Selfies. Ella is a thin, adorable, and confident content creator. She has pierced nipples and a few tattoos. Ella loves her lifted truck and spends her free time customizing it.

Although her stand-alone website never really caught on, due to her smaller Instagram fan base, we managed to save all of her selfies, and hot video content, and include it on this website.

Ella is the younger sister of Brielle Pace, but has definitely carved out her own look, and her own style.

Anytime someone contributes to Quarantine Selfies, we start them off by showing them basic things that other people have done, and eventually letting them explore making content in a way that makes sense to them.

Ella has extremely provocative selfie content and a few videos that have been posted on Quarantine Selfies and Spicy TicTaks.

Ella West on Quarantine Selfies

It’s a common characteristic for Canadians to be friendly and confident. Ella exudes both of these qualities.

Although Ella’s look isn’t typical for most of the Shore Thang models, she is a gorgeous and provocative content creator.

Ella has a few videos on the Shore Thang YouTube Channel and her best content is shared between Quarantine Selfies and Spicy TicTaks.

We look forward to welcoming more content in from Ella in Canada anytime she’s ready.

Ella Gets confidently naked in a lot of her selfie content. Although she had braces and naturally blonde hair when she first started working with shore thang, eventually, Ella carved out her own look.

With darker hair, her braces off, and a few tattoos, Ella now rocks her own distinct style. Ella turns 20 years old on December 1st, 2023 and we're grateful to watch her content develop and she becomes more mature and poised.

Ella West is a Canadian beauty from Alberta, just like many of our unique models. She has lots of selfie sets, videos, and premium content offerings on the Shore Thang websites.

Ella West on Spicy TicTaks

Ella West on Quarantine Selfies

Ella West on the Shore Thang YouTube Channel


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Ella West Tries-on Fashion Nova
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