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Ellie The Empress and her Adventures in the Vibrant Landscape of New York City

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Ellie The Empress and her Adventures in the Vibrant Landscape of New York City

Ellie The Empress aka Ellie Ensley is a beautiful jet-set influencer with a massive following

Ellie The Empress in a hilarious t-shirt

Ellie The Empress takes her viewers on whirlwind 48-hour adventure to New York City. Ellie expertly vlogs her October Manhattan trip when the vibrant city is ablaze in its autumn beauty. Fall is the best time to visit New York and Ellie showcases it in all of its beauty. A beautiful tapestry of cultures, bright lights and big city sounds is the perfect backdrop for Ellie the Empress’ trip. Join Ellie as she traverses New York City’s famous streets and lofty skyscrapers, that make it so iconic. Ellie the Empress sets out to explore the famous Times Square lights and the Statue of Liberty, with much excitement. No trip to New York City is complete without a sampling of the culinary delights that the city has to offer. Trying out Manhattan’s restaurants, and discovering its hidden gems, is what makes it famous. Enjoying the rooftop bars, where one can take in the vista of the city is a must. The cultural riches and splendor of Broadway is very much on Ellie’s itinerary,  as Ellie packs a lot into her forty eight hour trip.

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Next up is New York’s famed theater district, where Ellie the Empress catches a Broadway show. Ellie sparkles amongst the lights of the Broadway marquee, like a star. Ellie’s New York trip is also an opportunity to debut dynamic new styles. Ellie the Empress showcases her street style and models her evening wear,  against the iconic scenery of New York. Manhattan offers endless possibilities. Excitement abounds around every corner. Ellie’s beautiful fashion choices are a delight to the senses.

Her fits are fire.

Carefully curated, Ellie’s outfits are a study in elegance. Especially beautiful is the glamorous gown that Ellie debuted at the dinner theater whose performance she attended. Resplendent in a white gown, Ellie serves up old world sophistication and glamour as she lights up Broadway. Ellie the Empress makes memories that will last a lifetime on her two day trip to New York. The Big Apple offers endless style inspiration as well as endless possibilities. Ellie the Empress’ subscribers are treated to her beautiful fits and styles befitting a New York adventure. Ellie’s unique fashion through out her trip encompassed the vibrant and eclectic style that is unique to New York. Ellie is in tune with the energy and cosmopolitan charm of Manhattan as displayed by her fashion choices, and is inspired by her unforgettable experiences. Ellie the Empress is a fashion inspiration!

Ellie The Empress is a globally-recognized, all-natural model

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