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Neave Dare Pretty Little Thing Try-On Haul: Boost Those Summer Looks with Style and Grace

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Neave Dare Pretty Little Thing Try-On Haul: Boost Those Summer Looks with Style and Grace

British Babe Neave Dare is extremely beautiful and adored around the world

Neave Dare is a natural redhead

Another Neave Dare Pretty Little Things haul. Neave has a new try on haul from her autumn themed favorite Pretty Little Things brand. This haul contains body conscious pieces, crop tops and gym and loungewear. Neave starts her try on haul from Pretty Little Things with a gym set. Neave confides that even though she does not go to the gym herself, she likes to wear cute gym sets. She confides that the gym sets are her favorite pieces from this haul. The first gym set that Neave Dare tries on is a ribbed, nude colored cropped top and leggings set. The neutral color offsets her hair color beautifully. She loves the fit as it makes her “breasts look amazing.” and flatters her figure.

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The next outfit that Neave tries on from the haul is another gym set, whose leggings she is obsessed with. It is a two piece cropped top and leggings set. The leggings are high waisted and perfect as loungewear and exercise pants. Neave says that they can be styled with anything. Neave confides that she really likes black clothes as they are simple and elegant to wear, and compliment her red hair. She recommends styling the leggings and crop top set with a colorful jacket. Neave confides how perfect the fit is of this set in that it is like shapewear. Next up is a bright green tank top that goes well with Neave’s green eyes and red hair.

Neave Dare recommends styling the tank top with black high waisted leggings. She also bought the same tank top in white. She recommends the ribbed long sleeved crop top in the same, flattering bright green color. She also styles this top with high waisted leggings and further recommends styling it with the black pleather jacket from the same haul. She goes on to recommend styling this outfit with more green accessories and pieces. The jacket is also used to dress up the black cropped top and leggings set in order to style it for a casual going out look. Neave Dare completes her try on haul with a bright green jumpsuit that is a slim fit and offers tips about the sizing. As she takes a size ten, she recommends getting it in a size small, in order to style it as a slim fitting jumpsuit. She recommends further styling tips by accessorizing the jumpsuit with jewelry around the collar and to wear it with rings.

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Neave Dare Summer try-on haul
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