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Alysha Grace Marko is widely known for her beauty and featured on Petite Curve

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Alysha Grace Marko is widely known for her beauty and featured on Petite Curve

Alysha Grace MarkoAlysha Grace Marko, model, actress and painter. Alysha Grace is a talented artist, who paints oil and acrylic paintings on paper and canvas. Her art can be described as figurative and abstract. Alysha Grace is also a gallerist. She is the owner and founder of AMRM Gallery, located in New York City.

The gallery, which was formerly known as Ueast75gallery, was located on the upper east side of New York City, close to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Now, the gallery known as the AMRM Gallery is located on thirteen east sixty ninth streets, between Madison and Fifth Avenues. AMRM Gallery’s instagram: AMRM has a link in bio to its website AMRMgallery.com. Alysha Grace is one of the artists whose paintings are featured in the gallery as well as Cuban and other American artists, such as herself. Alysha shares reels, stories and instagram posts of herself painting, as per request of her followers. Alysha Grace’s posts show the artist at work and her process, as she sketches, draws and paints.

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Alysha shows how she gets inspired and how she sketches the beginnings of a painting. In the instagram reels of the AMRM Gallery, Alysha shows how she gets ready for the Gallery’s exhibitions.

Her inspiration has taken her to Cuba, where she has also discovered new artists and has been inspired by the colors and vibrancy of the Cuban culture. Alysha Grace Marko describes AMRM Galleries commitment to showcasing artists from around the world. One such artist, Renalio Marin, who is a Cuban artist, whose works are displayed in the AMRM Gallery. Renalio Marin’s recent show at The AMRM Gallery’s entitled “The Two Suns: As The World Runs Its Course,” which was shown in 2023. The highlights from that show are the paintings “The Two Suns, 2023” and “Angel Contemplating his Shadow, 2023” as well as “The Annunciation, 2023”.

Renalio Marin has the kind of talent that is promoted and showcased by the AMRM Gallery. In 2019, Ashley Grace Marko and Renalio Mario, with Utopieast Studios Havana (the former name of her gallery) had an exhibition in the XIII Bienal De La Habana entitled ‘Currency Construction’ in Havana Cuba. This exhibition drew inspiration from the culture of Cuba. Alysha Grace has drawn inspiration from around the world for her art, as she posts from her travels. She has also drawn inspiration from Italy, where she had been an artist in residence in Tuscany, Italy.

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