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Hannah Pruitt Makes Her Mark @_hannahpruitt_

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Hannah Pruitt Makes Her Mark @_hannahpruitt_

Hannah Pruitt is a teenager from Texas

Hannah Pruitt in CaliforniaHannah Pruitt and Shore Thang started working together in May 2020. Hannah's first contributions were selfies, tiktoks, and try-on haul videos for YouTube.
Hannah, like many of the Shore Thang models that have done studio and location shoots in real life, in addition to making content at home.

Hannah Pruitt and Quarantine Selfies

Hannah does a much better job creating content on her own, because she knows the edge, her own limits, and regularly pushes things on her own.
Hannah is a bit of an introvert, and seemingly is perpetually tan. Her tan look fits right into the Shore Thang aesthetic and Hannah's best content was shot on location at the beach, during the summer.
Although many of the Shore Thang models are known for huge natural boobs, Hannah makes her mark by standing out with her amazing hips and booty.
 For one full year, Hannah created content that Shore Thang was published on several of our websites.
Hannah does a great job, taking selfies, working with her sister, Mallory Pruitt on content.

Hannah Pruitt's Social Media @_hannahpruitt_

Based on her long-term collaborations with Shore Thang, Hannah grew her social media from around 2000 followers on Instagram in 2020 to more than 60,000 Instagram followers by 2021.
If you think Hannah looks a little young, it’s because she is.
That said, Hannah always took charge of her own comfort limit, and made content that she was excited about, proud of, and her fans genuinely seemed to appreciated.
Hannah has returned to the Shore Thang squad several times since striking out on her own, to make new selfies for Quarantine Selfies. Hannah has matured a bit, but still maintains that epic tan.
We adore and appreciate Hannah Pruitt and think you will do, if you don't already.
Watch Hannah Pruitt Try-on Haul Videos on the Shore Thang YouTube channel
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