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Brielle Pace and Molly Rose: Two Stunning Canadians

February 9, 2024 by Shore Thang in Shore Thang Models 0 comments
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Brielle Pace and Molly Rose: Two Stunning Canadians

When Shore Thang starts new talent off in the company, we very often will ask them to create selfies.

This gives us a sense of how new girls look, but also how they are to work together. What makes Shore Thang special, is not just the young beautiful talent we work with, but also the cooperative company culture that we basically demand of everyone. Either be nice, or hit the streets.

Two unique, Canadian examples are Molly Rose and Brielle Pace.

Brielle Pace started doing selfies in early May 2020 when she was still 17.

Although her journey through the company was extraordinarily choppy, pretty much all the time, the way her content developed basically followed the same path as most of the rest of our talent.

If we’re lucky enough to talk to interesting, curvy beauties, especially from Canada, the respect we extend toward them is expected to be reciprocated. Basically, if we are nice, we expect our models to be nice. Brielle’s content started fairly tame, lame, and boring because she was young.

As Brielle became more confident, she eventually created some of our most risky content in the company collection. Brielle's boob videos are truly top shelf. New paragraph despite Brielle’s conflict oriented personality, she also created maybe the third most content of any other one model over the course of more than three years.

Molly Rose also started creating selfies in 2021 when she was 18.

Molly has a very different attitude when it comes to working with people, and her cooperative nature, outgoing personality, and willingness to remain consistent, has welcomed her into an elite club at Shore Thang.

Molly is one of the most popular models to ever work with us. How did this happen? Molly became successful on YouTube, which has lifted all aspects of her social media, to varying degrees, and propelled her to popular and financial success. Molly is one of four models -- all Canadian, interestingly enough -- who earned the 100K Subscriber Plaque, after finding viral success.

Why is this important? New paragraph because it all starts with Quarantine Selfies. Almost everyone who became a contract model with Shore Thang became so by being young, beautiful, having a good attitude, and by shooting a few selfies for our biggest collection of exclusive content and longest running website.

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If you're determined to become a famous beauty, check out the Shore Thang application page. We check every application sent to us and write everyone back, regardless.

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