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The Debut of Grace Taylor, The Tallest Shore Thang Model

February 16, 2024 by Shore Thang in Shore Thang Models 0 comments
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The Debut of Grace Taylor, The Tallest Shore Thang Model

When Shore Thang begins looking for new talent, the first place we start is asking friend.

Grace Taylor first began working with Shore Thang at the request of a friend. At the time, we had no idea how tall Grace is; we simply knew her to be extremely beautiful.

After shooting a few selfie sets in swimwear, Grace slowly heated up and soon became more confident creating risky content.

Grace has epic natural curves, enough to give anyone whiplash as they walk by.

As time passed, Grace started to feel more at ease with her job as a new model. She got used to taking pictures of herself and making more daring videos.

We were fortunate to have Grace with us for a while because her busy schedule, both in her personal life and private affairs, took up most of her time.

Grace sometimes made new content for Shore Thang, and some of it found its way onto many of our websites.

However, the most impressive collection of Grace's stunning and amazing body is mostly found on her own special website, GraceTaylorXO.com

Grace has helped us establish that there are simple let significant ways to take better selfies using natural light:

  1. Choose natural light: Instead of using harsh artificial light from screens or bright bulbs, try to take your selfies near big windows or outside where there's plenty of natural sunlight. Natural light usually makes you look better in photos.
  2. Time it right: For the best lighting, take your selfies when the sun is low in the sky, like an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. This soft, gentle light is flattering and makes your selfies look great.
  3. Face the light: position your self so that the mild is shining onto your face. This makes you the focus of the image and allows keep away from unflattering shadows. strive adjusting the perspective of your digicam until the light is at eye-level for the excellent effects.
  4. be careful for shadows: Shadows can smash a good selfie, so have in mind of them. even as some shadows can add intensity to your functions, others can create dark circles beneath your eyes or make your face appearance choppy. To avoid shadows, make sure to stand directly toward the light supply. This ensures that your face is properly-lit and loose from distracting shadows.

Grace Taylor on Instagram

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