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Julia and Lauren Burch: Earliest Selfies During Pandemia

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Julia and Lauren Burch: Earliest Selfies During Pandemia

Beginning in the Spring of 2020, Shore Thang stepped away from creating content in person and transitioned into mostly selfie-style video and pictures.

In early-March 2020, Julia Burch and Lauren Burch caught one of the last unrestricted flights out of Los Angeles heading back home to Ontario, Canada.
We didn’t know it at the time, but sure thing was about to enter into one of the biggest changes in our company since first starting in late-2018.
To say that COVID-19 change, the world is an obvious understatement. Specifically, for Shore Thang, we were used to working with our talent IRL. Usually, we would rent an Airbnb or a studio and create content there for the better part of a day, which was meant to last for at least a month afterwards.

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What we figured out, as pandemia took across the entire planet, was that with the proper direction, asking our famous Beauties to take selfies was about as effective as shooting with Shore Thang thing owner Zachary Elliot IRL.
Julia Burch worked on selfie content for two full months into pandemia. She did a good job, knows all the right angles, and although there may have been a psychological toll on COVID-19, Julia did her very best to make great content.
Lauren Burch, on the other hand, lasted much longer into pandemia and continue to work with Shore Thang. Lauren has a more social personality, of the two Burch twins, and by middle 2020, had fully defined her ego style.
When the Burch twins first started working with Shore thing, Julia  was more popular , despite the similarities in their look. This was due to a viral meme featuring Julia that got her a lot more social media attention.
At the end of 2019, Tiktok had not yet blown up in the US, and Lauren  Burch had not dialed in  Heard unique aesthetic either.
As Lauren  Burch made clear choices about her new look and Tiktok caught on, Lauren‘s aesthetic found traction with the TikTok algorithm and she became much more popular than her twins sister Julia.
We are grateful to work with both of the Burch twins, and continue to respect and appreciate their beauty, unique style, and absolute commitment to social media. They’re not just popular because they’re beautiful. They also worked really hard on their social media content (which means, you guessed it, making great content at home).

Julia Burch and Lauren Burch are famous Canadian twin influencers.

Shore Thang is an international model management company.

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