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How It All Began With Karma Lee, Our Wonderfully Curvy Friend From Australia

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How It All Began With Karma Lee, Our Wonderfully Curvy Friend From Australia

We were lucky to work with Australian beauty Karma Lee when she was 18 years old.

Australia Beauty Karma LeeAlmost everyone starts off doing content for sure thing by contributing content to Quarantine Selfies. We want to see how our new talent react to being given modest responsibilities, to accepting money for content work, and two gently enforced deadlines.
Karma was no exception. But she was known for making exceptional content. Karma's selfies are hot, imaginative, fun, and of course show off her lovely genetic gifts.

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Karma Lee is from Australia, and although she may or may not have been selling content on the side when we first met, Karma did her first professional content working with Shore Thang when she was 18 years old.
Karma has the quintessential Shore thing look. Young, curvy, and undiscovered.
Karma thick  delicious booty, totally natural boobs, and a unique youthful face.
Sometimes, when we work with new talent, they have to relax and lighten up or take direction before making good content.
Karma was different.
Karma already had her entire room decorated like something out of a storybook. Also had a lot of unique outfits that made it fun  to create content and create a lively, imaginative atmosphere for her delightful natural curves.
We don’t meet people like karma very often. Since working together for about a year, karma has grown up a bit, which is great, but has also got a lot more tattoos, which aesthetically we think is not so great.
 Like so many of the other models who work with sure thing, the first year or two working together, generally produces the best content. Like any job, it’s easy to become disillusioned, bored, or fall into a routine that feels slightly deadening.
Right now, Quarantine Selfies offers Karma Lee pickets in the regular member gallery, and more premium downloads for purchase in the member store. Love those Aussies!
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